Crispy, Scrumptious, Spicy, and Delicious.
Yes, Tacos! The Custom Tacos Story

Our story is quite simple. We wanted to bring authentic and customizable Mexican and Tex-Mex food for everyone, and we are glad we did it. We have now become one of the most reputed Customizable Taco and Tex-Mex food quick-serve restaurant due to our feverish passion for Tacos in Frisco, Texas. We bring the original flavor of Mexico to your table.

In our opinion, life is too short to limit or downsize your tasty Taco consumption. So, get the salsa and add some fresh ingredients and enjoy your personalized taco from Custom Tacos. From entirely customizable tacos, unique and flavorful toppings, and the freshest ingredients, Custom Tacos is a revelation in the world of Mexican and American inspired food, and we are just getting started.

Customize your Taco.
It’s your way or the Highway!

Our customers and Taco fanatics can customize their tacos just the way they like it with their own choice of amazing proteins, toppings, sauces, and salads. We at Custom Tacos also serve specialty tacos in case you can’t make up your mind. The best tacos, burritos, quesadillas, salads, and a diverse range of Tex-Mex food awaits you at Custom Tacos. And cold Beers, Punch with a Twist of Vodka, refreshing Margaritas, Coca Cola products.

We deliver exceptional restaurant and dine-in experiences in the perfect Taco ambiance to everyone. Tacos are our pride, our reason for of existence and our passion. We infuse Mexican American cuisine the right way. Right flavors, the perfect textures, and mouth-watering taste – This is Custom Tacos.

Some Kickin’ Chicken Specially Made for the Taco Lover!

Our Taco Specialty.

The perfect fusion of grilled chicken, mango, habanero, shredded fresh cabbage, diced avocados, mango cotija, fine cheese, Pico de Gallo on our soft flour and perfect tortilla crafted to perfection for our true taco lovers. Add our punch with a twist or refreshing margaritas to make every day a Taco Tuesday at Custom Tacos.

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