Your Tacos. Your Way.
Custom Tacos.

We are serious about our Tacos and our Food. With the freshest ingredients
in town and the most scintillating flavors – Our Tacos are one of a kind. We serve
our Tacos just the way you like it.


A Taco without Soul is just a

Tacos, Bowls, Burritos, Quesadillas, Salads, and so on. At Custom Tacos,
we bring soul to our food with Mexican flavorings, textures, salsas, and sauces.
All our Tacos have a unique persona.


Premium Tex-Mex &
Unique Taco Flavors.

We bring authentic Tex-Mex food experience to you. Uniquely Flavored and
Customizable Tacos are our pride and our way of life. It’s our honor to deliver the
most scrumptious and authentic Tex-Mex cuisine for all our customers.


Call Us For Your Next Office Party
Or Weddings.

We do all types of Catering

Tacos are our Common
Ground, A Universal
Food Experience.

Our story is pretty simple. We wanted to bring authentic and customizable Tex-Mex food for everyone, and we did it. From fully customizable tacos, unique and flavorful toppings, and the freshest ingredients, Custom Tacos is a revelation in the world of original quick-serve Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. Tacos are our pride, our reason for of existence and our passion. Right flavors, the perfect textures, and mouth-watering taste – This is Custom Tacos. Your Way. Your Tacos!

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Two Beef/Chicken Tacos along with
a side and drink.

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Your Taco. Your Personality.

Our Specialty.

Fully customizable tacos done your way is our forte. Add fresh and healthy protein toppings like tofu, shrimp, chicken and so on while choosing your favorite shell from crispy and crunchy corn, steamed corn, fried flour, soft flour, or veggie-friendly lettuce shell. We garnish all our tacos with a variety of fiery and exciting toppings.

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Precious Blends of Taste. Extravagant Tacos.

Tacos Made for you.
Time for Some Delicious Catering.

Enjoy the most delicious Tex-Mex food and indulge yourself in the world of Tacos and Salsa. Let our amazing flavors, Tex-Mex cuisine and mouth-watering tacos dance across the plates of you and your special guests. Impress your guests with our exclusive catering services that are designed for different occasions.

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Your Tacos, Your Way.